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Maker experiences are a key component of Cities of Learning and the principals of Connected Learning our movement is founded on. Making and producing are foundational experiences for fostering creativity and innovation, and can help engage learners in math, science and other subjects by linking academics to real world applications. Just as importantly, they are fun! From installation art to 3D printing to electrical fashion design, new technology is transforming the age-old art of making and creating.

Check out some of our Cities of Learning Making opportunities below.

Cities of Learning: Making in Action

Watch these Chicago City of Learning videos of 3D jewelry printing, e-textile fashion design, and Mayor Rahm Emanuel's visit to a teen Maker showcase.

Cities of Learning Maker Opportunities: A Sampler


Library Live! Beautiful Oops. Hooray for mistakes! Kids learn that mistakes are adventures in creativity is this hourlong session at the Dallas Public Library.

Studio Creations. Visit the galleries for inspiration and then make your own cool creations in the studio space at the Dallas Museum of Art.

Turn Up! Help paint a mural, make puppets, or explore wind and nature during free Turn Up events throughout the city.

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Maker Corner. Create stuffed animals with light-up eyes, digitally designed T-shirts or 3D printed flowers at the library’s YouMedia center.

Designing Teen. Is fashion design your thing? Construct a garment from scratch all the tools of the trade at the Wishcraft Workshop.

Jewelry making. Practice shaping, forming, cutting, casting and finishing original jewelry designs at Chicago’s Edison Park.

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TechShop. Build a Mountain Dulcimer during one of six, weeklong workshop sessions at Pittsburgh's premier maker lab space.

Installation Art. Over the course of four weeks, teens can create happenings, installations and unexpected art for the Carnegie Library Pittsburgh.

Rainbow Loom. Become a mathematical Rainbow Loom master and meet a peer who began her own business. At the Assemble space for arts + technology.

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Dig It: Egyptian Art. Tour the collection of Egyptian art and use it as inspiration to make your own work of art at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

Electrical Engineering Club. Earn as many as seven digital badges at the Woodcraft Rangers’ Summer Learning Program at South Gate Park.

Art Studio. Armed with a sketchbook, professional palette, and other tools of the trade, kids and young teens create original works and then hold a gallery show at various Los Angeles school sites. 

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